July 2009
Volume 4, Issue 8
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Paul Workman

In this issue we will be dealing with the subject of Systems Biology and its impact on Drug Discovery. The term ?Systems Biology? has been used since around about 1966 but it was at the turn of the new millennium that the movement really began to develop some momentum...


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  Top Reviews
a The targeted delivery of cancer drugs across the blood-brain barrier: chemical modifications of drugs or drug-nanoparticles?
Juillerat-Jeanneret L
Drug Discovery Today

One of the most challenging problems, if not the most challenging, in drug development is not to develop drugs to treat diseases of the central nervous system (CNS), but to manage to distribute them to the CNS across the blood–brain barrier (BBB) using transvascular routes following intravenous administration...
a Development trends for new cancer therapeutics and vaccines
Reichert JM, Wenger JB
Drug Discovery Today

Global commercial development of cancer treatments has dramatically increased over the past 15 years. To assess trends in the process, we analyzed data for 1111 candidates that entered clinical study during 1990–2006...
a The value of proteasome inhibition in cancer. Can the old drug, disulfiram, have a bright new future as a novel proteasome inhibitor?
Cvek B, Dvorak Z
Drug Discovery Today

The major approach to the development of anticancer drugs involves searching for new compounds, efficient against malignancies, which are not, as yet, used clinically. This strategy is time-consuming and expensive...

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